Safety Roles Currently Available

Hi, it’s Adele Last here from the Arnold Group and Safety People. Hope you’re having a great day. We’re busy here in the office filling a number of roles, so I thought I’d talk to you about them. We have one in Melbourne, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, a senior work health and safety manager looking after a team of three to four people across multiple sites. That’s paying $130,000 plus super. If you’re interested or you know somebody that is, please get in touch.

We also have an occupational health and safety manager in New Zealand, Auckland. Somebody from a business services or retail type industry, and we have another role in Newcastle for a safety manager looking after a number of sites in that Newcastle area. That is in the health services sector, so if you know anybody interested in those types of roles, please give us a call or get them to get in contact with us via our website. We are also looking for people with injury management work cover case management type experience.

If you’re working in that sector, if you’re thinking about a move for next year, now’s the time to get in touch with us. Many of the roles start in the new year, but now’s a good time to get things moving. We could have conversations with you out of hours, at any location that suits. Look forward to hearing from you. Hope you’re having a great week. Thanks very much.

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