$200k v $200m: what is organisational safety worth to you?

$200k v $200m: what is organisational safety worth to you? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, and, like most people, you have a pretty good understanding of its meaning. The quality of the product or service you purchase is a reflection of how much you were willing to pay

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Easing the Transition to Retirement

Easing the Transition to Retirement Sarah Wood, Senior Consultant from Career People Australia has written an article in the Insurance News about the Easing the Transition to Retirement. – To view the article in a PDF format Please click here Mature-age workers are too valuable to just ‘let go’. Strategies that benefit them and the

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Managing Workplace Stress

Managing Workplace Stress Workplace stress is the second biggest cause of workers-compensation claims in the workplace. The first relates to manual handling. Employers’ responsibilities include keeping your employees both physically and mentally healthy in your workplace. The World Health Organisation defines stress as; “the reaction people may have when presented with demands and pressures that

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