Meet the Team: Welcome Adele Last!

One of the traditions here at Arnold Group when we bring on a new team member, is to interview them for our company blog. This gives our community of clients and candidates a chance to get to know them and to get some insight as to what they bring to Arnold Group. In the case of our new General Manager we also get a glimpse into what the future might look like with them at the helm.

We interviewed our new General Manager Adele Last and here’s what she had to say…

Tell us a little about your background including what drew you to recruitment

Like so many recruitment consultants, I fell into the industry by chance. I applied for a role through an agency and they asked me to work for them. It was a small boutique agency – that was a division of an accounting firm. We recruited executives and IT professionals for the banking and financial services industries. In the very early days I came in to support a team of recruiters. I typed up resumes, typed up consultant notes, did data entry and answered phones. You really could say I know the recruitment industry from the ground up.

I loved recruiting in that it involved solving problems. A client had a problem and needed to fill a role and I had the solution. I still enjoy that to this day – that feeling of providing a client with the pain relief of the perfect candidate.

What attracted you to Arnold Group and the Health and Safety industry?

I was attracted to Arnold Group because of their strong reputation in the market for delivering very personalised, relationship based service to their clients. I liked their bespoke service offering built on a very traditional model.  They are able to provide high quality service by having a single point of contact all the way through the process. I prefer this to the alternative of being handed off to someone else in the chain. Having worked for large firms and small ones, this style suits me. I liked Arnold Group’s quality of service.

I also knew I wanted a firm that specialised. I have previously worked for generalist recruiters across a broad range of sectors and job categories. I was attracted to their Health and Safety specialisation because I had been a safety officer within a recruitment company in a previous role. I had managed claims and return to work and safety issues. I have seen first-hand how bringing in an safety professional with expert knowledge in this field could reduce claims, increase productivity, reduce injury rates and get people back to work quickly. These roles are often unsung heroes! There is often a massive return on investment and a correlating positive impact on revenue involved in investing in Health and Safety professionals.

What is your proudest work related achievement?

I am quite proud of the network I have built around me over my 20+ years in the industry. This became incredibly apparent when I dealt with a recent career move.  It certainly makes landing on your feet easier when you are sought out based on your reputation. Recent and former clients, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders all reached out when I left my last role. I think this is because I am results focused, outcomes focused and an authentic leader.  I am a big believer in keeping it real.

 When you are not at work what do you enjoy doing?

Oh dear, this may make me look like a complete Nanna. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). I enjoy cooking and baking. I like cake decorating. I read and particularly enjoy historical fiction. I knit and crochet. Along with my family I enjoy “treasure hunting” which basically involves discovering weird and wonderful things from the 1970s at antique stores. I am also a mum to two children, currently aged 9 and 11.

What can a candidate expect when they put themselves and their careers in Arnold Group’s hands?

They can expect personalised service and that we will invest in the relationship with them over time. We tend to over service every candidate, and pride ourselves on having career conversations. To us a candidate is not just a number or a transaction.

We have been specialising in Health and Safety and Insurance for a long time and we understand the market and the culture of our client base. We will always provide honest feedback to a candidate about their suitability for a role. We really are a resource full of market rates and information on the health, safety and insurance industries.

We give our candidates a really detailed brief before they go for an interview, which includes information about the company culture, the hiring manager and the people involved in the process. We may even highlight interview questions they are known for asking.

Some of our consultants have even been known to sit in on an interview for additional support!

What advice would you give to a candidate who is looking for a recruiter to help them take the next step in their career?

Please be selective and deal with a recruiter that suits your style and your requirements. They should be calling you back and giving you feedback. They should be providing great customer service. They should have excellent industry knowledge and insider knowledge about their client’s organisation. Find one you like and trust and your career will reap the benefits.

You have previously worked for the RCSA. What insights did this give you?

Working for the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association of Australia & NZ gave me an excellent overall big picture view of the industry. During my time at the peak body I got to see the ins and outs of various recruiters. I enjoyed discovering that the industry is full of professional people who enjoy their job and get a kick out of placing great people in great jobs. There is a very positive outlook to the industry, although we need to highlight more of the good news stories. We provide an important service to both the business and job markets.

As General Manager, what’s next for Arnold Group?

Arnold Group is definitely in growth mode, it is full speed ahead! We are growing in size and investing in developing our talent. We love our industry niche and pride ourselves on our personalised service. We have an amazing suite of clients who have grown with us over time and respect the value of our relationships. We have an exciting future ahead!

If you are looking for new role in the Health and Safety or Insurance Industries then Arnold Group can help.  We have developed a strong reputation for providing quality recruitment services. We focus on the niche fields of Safety, Insurance and Risk. We invite you to follow our LinkedIn Company page to see available roles and industry news.

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