How a Global Collaboration Helps Meet Complex Recruitment Needs

We recently had the pleasure of attending the NPA Worldwide Networking meeting in Melbourne. A two day event, it featured a wide range of speakers who shared their insights on global recruitment topics, keeping our experienced consultants from Safety People informed of recruitment trends and innovations.

Our membership of the NPA Worldwide network helps us continuously improve the way we deliver recruitment solutions for our clients. It’s enabled us to benchmark the methodology and technology we use for our client’s diverse, and sometimes complex, recruitment needs.

Our founder Glenn Arnold was elected to the NPA Worldwide board as a director from March 2014 to April 2018. Glenn describes his time on the board as an excellent opportunity to collabo-rate with and learn from fellow owners of recruitment businesses in key markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the US, the UK and EMEA. He and the team have enjoyed making even deeper connections with this global network over his 4 year tenure, staying informed of specialist recruitment trends around the world.

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the NPA member’s focus on a common goal and high professional standards, enables us to respond swiftly to our client’s requirements for business critical positions, providing a more seamless experience.

Operating for more than 60 years, the NPA Worldwide network includes experienced recruitment practitioners who are leaders in their industry specialties. The 500+ partner firms collaborate by sharing their communication, cloud technology and candidate database resources and apply this collaborative power to a candidate search.

Most importantly, our membership gives clients even greater access to the best talent and ensures you have an Australian specialist single point of contact even for a global search.

Glenn Arnold’s NPA Worldwide Board Director Experience

During his tenure at NPA Worldwide, Glenn experienced the engagement of members going from strength to strength. We asked Glenn for his thoughts on his time on the board and his NPA Worldwide membership for this article.

“Recruitment really is a constantly changing environment” says Glenn, “We are finding that cost structures, business structures and technology are changing. We are also finding that the variety of work we are involved in is also evolving.”

“We are in a period where our clients continue to grow and rebuild,” Glenn continued, “their re-cruitment needs tend to be relationship based and they want their problems solved in the most efficient way possible. NPA membership and its collaborative approach enhances our ability to provide seamless solutions for our client’s more complex problems and to access global thought leadership, knowledge, technology and candidates.”

A highlight of Glenn’s time as a director at NPA Worldwide was his realisation that the Australian recruitment industry really is of world class standard in recruitment technology and methodology. This is something we should all be very proud of!

Do you have a complex recruitment need you would like us to help you with?

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