The right people

We believe that it is hard to be experts in everything, so since 2002 we have developed a strong reputation providing quality recruitment services in General Insurance, Broking, Workers Compensation, Life and Superannuation.

A focus on you

When we ask our clients why they prefer us over alternatives they tell us that our industry understanding helps deliver better results. In practical terms, it means that we ask better questions when we talk about a role and understand the nuances that come into play better.

They appreciate that our industry networks are deeper, not simply bigger.

Our commitment

They also tell us that the commitment to quality we display in our recruitment practices sets us apart. They value that we don’t waste precious time with unrealistic promises, and that when we say we will do something, we do it every time. They appreciate that when issues do arise (as the inevitably do at times) we get more involved, not less, until a solution has been found. We demonstrate we care, rather than simply paying lip service to it.

Finally, they value our openness and candour. When you make important recruitment decisions, you need an advisor who is willing to guide you and support you through this important process.

A global opportunity

Filling roles at all levels of your business, from permanent executive to temporary and contract solutions we have applicants to suit all positions as well as access to a global marketplace of talent through NPAworldwide, a network of recruitment firms across 6 continents.

Meet our team

Level 1, 517 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne VIC 3000


Level 9, 84 Pitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Safety People is a division of Arnold Group Australia which is a boutique recruitment firm of world-class recruiters trained and experienced in sourcing active and passive (non-job seeking) candidates.

We do more than simply advertise your vacancy. The first thing we do is listen to what you need and gain an understanding of the culture of your organisation. This is about people, not probability, and our experience will ensure we find the right candidate in the right time.

Arnold Group also offer RPO’s or Recruitment Process Outsourcing which works on much of the same principles as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where an organisation has to perform various processes that are widely different in scale and method to deliver its service. Some of these processes are quite resource intensive to perform on an organisational scale. Hence if the organisation delegates that work to another company specialising in providing that special service, the process becomes easier and more cost effective for the company.

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