$200k v $200m: what is organisational safety worth to you?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, and, like most people, you have a pretty good understanding of its meaning. The quality of the product or service you purchase is a reflection of how much you were willing to pay for it.

However, many organisations don’t have the same attitude when it comes to their recruitment of safety workers. If you’ve ever had a workplace incident occur due to an irresponsible staff member or an inexperienced inspector, you will know that not all safety workers have the same attitude, skills, or expertise. Additionally, if a workplace accident has ever occurred on your premises, you know just how expensive and damaging the repercussions can be to your organisation.

If you want to ensure that you are paying for good quality, experienced, and team-driven employees in safety-related fields, you need to invest in specialist recruitment.

The cost of organisational safety: why you shouldn’t settle for generic recruitment

While no business leader intends to hire an underqualified safety professional, most generic recruiting agencies do not have the knowledge or experience to identify the safety-related needs of the role they’re trying to fill.

Similarly, many organisations save money by removing the recruiter and managing their recruitment process. Your hiring manager may have experience identifying decent candidates and assessing basic capabilities, but unless they’re an experienced safety recruitment specialist, they may lack the industry knowledge to assess their understanding of risk management.

Paying the ultimate price for a lack of organisational safety

Would you rather pay $200k a year for the best possible people to oversee your organisational safety, or, $200 million a year in workers comp premiums and WHS fines?

It may sound like an exaggerated figure, but for some organisations, that’s what a breach in safety costs when you don’t have the right people overseeing your operation.

Consider the costs payable if a critical incident occurs at your site, you could face:

  • Increased work cover premiums to cover every staff member;
  • Extensive Workplace Health and Safety fines;
  • Heavy litigations from injured parties including cost of medical expenses and paid time off work.

If a person suffers a fatal injury at your site the repercussions can be even greater, including:

  • Serious and prolonged litigations from family and Workplace Health and Safety;
  • Up to $3 million in corporate fines;
  • Serious harm to company reputation, resulting in a loss of profit and future opportunities for growth;
  • A possible criminal record and jail time.

Next steps: budgeting for organisational safety

The best way to ensure that your organisational safety is being overseen and enforced by the right person is by investing in a recruitment process dedicated to identifying safety experts which meet your unique requirements.

If you’re hiring for a new safety professional, your hiring budget should address the number of safety staff required to enforce your safety measures adequately. Account for managing your industry specific risk, and ensure your new hire is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to protect your staff and organisation.

Remember, who you employ will be responsible for the safety of your staff, the public, and your organisation’s reputation – you cannot afford to hire wrongly.

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